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Woodward and Company LLP supports clients in all areas of self-determination, governance and government-to-government relations. We advise governing bodies on issues such as bylaw development, taxation, financing, utility and municipal services agreements, real property conveyances, and conflicts of interest.  Our lawyers have deep experiential knowledge of the governance issues that face elected Councils under both the Indian Act and customary election regimes and can assist in finding community-based solutions that work for your government.

Woodward and Company LLP has assisted many First Nations across Canada in drafting, passing, and implementing their custom election codes, assisting those communities to find a governance structure that honours their traditions while preparing to meet the challenges of contemporary governance.  We have also assisted in settling numerous internal disputes to arrive at community consensus.

We have worked with many Nations to draft or redraft their membership codes.  While contemporary Canadian law makes this a complex process, it will become more and more important in the years ahead that First Nations take up their right to be self-determining and self-defining as Federal rules continue to limit the future application of Status. 

Our lawyers are well-versed in the law impacting elections and membership codes and are always prepared to travel to your territory to discuss these important matters with your community.


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First Nations Fiscal And Statistical Management Act