Hailey McLeod
Hailey McLeod

Legal Assistant

In her role as legal assistant at Woodward and Company, Hailey’s approach is informed by her passion for equity and fairness, and her interest in the process of creating societal structures that support and improve peoples’ lives.

Hailey is from Nakusp BC, a small town in the West Kootenays. She attended Selkirk College locally where she studied Peace and Justice for two years, followed by a study abroad program in Chile. She then went on to earn her BA in anthropology from the University of Victoria, where she graduated with distinction.

Solid communication, encouragement of her colleagues, and strong organization skills are at the forefront of Hailey’s work at Woodward and Company. Her role sees her preparing documents for trial and working with a team of lawyers and other assistants to ensure everything is ready to go on time for large scale trials.

As for the future, Hailey is interested in pursuing law school or teacher education, and has ideals of directing her career towards politics and elected office so she may advocate for meaningful structural changes that help her community. She is also becoming an avid gardener and hopes to grow more food in the coming years.


Hailey McLeod