Mary Coffey
Mary Coffey

IT & Accounting

In her role as IT and accounting manager at Woodward and Company, Mary’s primary focus is maintaining the firm’s computer system and- when necessary- dealing with IT emergencies.

Mary has been a valuable part of Woodward and Company since 2001, working not only to keep the firm’s crucial computer system operating smoothly, but also dealing with financial and accounting matters. Her specialized knowledge coupled with her easy going attitude allows her to identify the root of any issue and efficiently find a way to resolve it.

Mary’s calm demeanor and sense of humour allows her to deal with otherwise stressful situations with lightness and ease. Her infectious positivity and personality has long been an asset to the firm, keeping spirits high even in the midst of a great challenge.

Outside of her work with the firm, Mary is passionate about spending time with her husband and three children, getting sucked into a good movie, and going for leisurely bike rides.


Mary Coffey