Phaedra Kemp
Phaedra Kemp

Finance Manager

As accounts administrator at Woodward and Company, Phaedra’s role is as varied and diverse as her own skillset. Whether ironing out office logistics or revamping the billing system, her positivity and solution-based mindset contribute greatly to the workings of the firm, its staff, and its clients.

Before joining Woodward and Company, Phaedra was a professional folk musician and had completed 3 years of musical studies at the University of Victoria. Her time as a touring and performing artist afforded her the chance to learn from the world in many unexpected ways, allowing her to adopt a mindset of curiosity, compassion, and perseverance- all of which show up in her work at Woodward and Company today.

In her current role, Phaedra is committed to making sure the operations of the firm run as smoothly as possible. In doing so, she’s always there to assist clients however needed and support the work of the firm’s solicitors with minimal direction and maximum efficiency.

As well as being a careful listener, Phaedra approaches every aspect of her work with rigorous attention to detail; meaning no matter what it is that she’s been tasked, she can always be counted on and is there the moment you need her.


Phaedra Kemp