We have assisted many First Nations in the drafting and implementation of Land Codes, laws and policies under the First Nations Land Management Act, and the Framework Agreement.  Past successes include:

Land Code Development:

  • Helping to draft Land Codes;
  • Negotiating Individual Agreements for the transfer of Land Management Authority from Canada to First Nations; and
  • Assisting with community consultation and ratification.

Land Code Implementation:

  • Working with First Nations to develop and institute matrimonial property laws that are strongly grounded in traditional law;
  • Drafting comprehensive environmental monitoring and assessment laws and regulations;
  • Providing advice concerning First Nation Land real property transactions and registration;
  • Assisting with Land governance structures, processes, policies and procedures; and
  • Working with Nations to create subdivision and servicing laws, building codes and the other supporting legislation that enable sustainable and commercially-successful development to proceed.

We help First Nations to take back control of their lands and to work with their community to develop laws and policies that work, that are sensitive to cultural concerns, and that are guided by each Nation’s individual priorities.

Other Practice Areas