Shannon Rasmussen
Shannon Rasmussen

Legal Assistant

As a legal assistant at Woodward and Company, Shannon brings a lifetime of experience in the legal field to her current role. While her depth of experience as a legal assistant provides vital support for her colleagues, it’s her bright personality and sense of humour that keeps the stress low and mood high in the firm.

Before joining Woodward and Company in 2018, Shannon worked for 14 years at a boutique litigation firm in Vancouver. When she eventually felt compelled to escape the city, it was Victoria’s outdoors- and the prospect of working on highly impactful cases for Indigenous communities- that drew her in.

In her current role, Shannon is passionate about working alongside cases relating to Aboriginal rights, particularly in terms of environmental issues. But no matter what case or client she’s been tasked with supporting, her decades of experience combined with her sharp attention to detail mean that she’s able to provide the help that those around her need- often before they even know they need it.

Shannon’s commitment and professional competency allow her to meet stressful situations with calmness and the tightest of deadlines with ease. No matter what she’s working on, she always shows up with diligence, dedication, and a willingness to learn more.


Shannon Rasmussen