Jesse Schermann

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Jesse Schermann

As Operations Manager at Woodward and Company, Jesse is committed to making the professional lives of his colleagues easier, whether that means performing administrative duties, strategic management, or anything in between. No matter what the task at hand is, he always meets it with his usual smile and ease.

Before joining Woodward and Company in 2011, Jesse attended Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he studied business administration, as well Georgian College where he studied automotive marketing. He’s grateful to be a part of the Woodward and Company team, and in turn he brings his enthusiasm and positivity to his role every day.

Throughout every facet of his work, Jesse is steadfast in offering his support to members of the firm. In doing so, he constantly helps the community to overcome its daily challenges; thereby allowing each member of the team to focus on their responsibilities with as much efficiency as possible.

Outside of his work with the firm, Jesse is passionate about cooking, hiking, kayaking, and just generally finding ways to enjoy life and laugh as much as possible.