Kathleen McKerracher

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Kathleen McKerracher

As legal assistant for Woodward and Company’s litigation team, Kathleen’s far-reaching role spans document drafting and editing, correspondence, preparing motion records and books of authorities, conducting searches for primary and secondary sources for evidence on behalf of clients of the firm; and much, much more.

A born-and-raised Victoria local, Kathleen initially earned her legal assistant certificate over 25 years ago. Since then, her long-standing legal career has seen her work in family law and personal injury law before eventually coming to focus on Indigenous law with Woodward and Company.

Ever since joining the firm in the fall of 2013, Kathleen has thrived in a role that puts her curiosity, analytical mind, and resourcefulness to the test. Thanks to her calm demeanor and professional manner, even the tightest of deadlines are consistently met with ease.

Outside of her work with the firm, Kathleen is an avid kayaker, gardener, and hiker. Before too long, she hopes to tick some of the world’s great hikes off her bucket-list, whether it be walking the Pennine Way Trail or taking on the Coast to Coast Trail in England.