Nancy Valencia

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Nancy Valencia

In her role as legal assistant at Woodward and Company, Nancy’s work focuses on conveyancing transactions with regards to claims in Aboriginal title. By supporting the practice of the firm’s solicitors, her own work seeks to create positive change for our clients, particularly in relation to self government policies and regulations.

Nancy’s attention to detail combined with her love of a good challenge allows her to excel in her role and successfully contribute to the accomplishment of many large projects, including law writing and the recent implementation of the Tla’amin Treaty.

Before joining Woodward and Company in June of 2014, Nancy attended Camosun College where she undertook studies in the legal office assistant program. Since then, her legal career has seen her support several important cases and claims, such as her role in helping to prepare and register the largest Land Title Registration package in BC LTSA history.

Outside of her work at the firm, Nancy is passionate about spending time with her children and traveling the world. In particular, she appreciates the chance to explore other cultures and traditions, especially when it comes to experiencing the day to day lives of others and the similarities that we share.