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Tyra Shupe


Tyra’s role as legal assistant at Woodward and Company sees her facilitate and support the work of her lawyer colleagues, ensuring communication with clients and appointment scheduling all goes off without a hitch. Her approachable way, sense of humour, and genuine passion for meeting new people and listening to their stories allows her to excel in her essential role.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Tyra also lived abroad for 4 years. Her enduring passion for the environment and reconciliation led her to obtaining her Paralegal Diploma, which she received with honors. With this she started working for the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary for 7.5 years, fine tuning her knowledge of the Legal system, before going on to follow her goal of working with Woodward and Company.

Tyra’s professional plans for the future consist of continuing her education and growing her knowledge in First Nations law and, in doing so, continuing to facilitate and work towards reconciliation.

As someone who finds herself happiest when surrounded by nature, Tyra likes to spend her spare time hiking, biking, and paddling on a kayak, SUP, or canoe. She hopes to eventually buy a small plot of land and have her own sustainable tiny home with a large garden.