TW/ CW: Residential Schools Woodward & Co. LLP’s Statement of Solidarity with Residential School Survivors

We struggle to find the right words to convey how profoundly sad, disheartening, and distressing the findings over the last few weeks have been. In this heartbreaking time, and with potentially more gravesite discoveries to follow, there are few words that fit.

The lawyers and staff at Woodward & Co. LLP will continue to work steadfastly, offering support to Indigenous Peoples and communities, honouring our commitment to the TRC, advocating for justice, and being dedicated partners for growth.

Support links:

  • 24-hr crisis line for residential school survivors: 1 (866) 925-4419
  • First Nations & Inuit Hope for Wellnss, 24/7 Help Line: 1 (885) 242-3310
  • The Indian Residential School Survivors Society toll free line: 1 (800) 495-6588
  • Crisis Services Canada: 1 (833) 456- 4566 or text 45645
  • Kids Help Phone: 1 (800) 668-6868
  • Native Youth Crisis Hotline: 1 (877) 209-1266

Educational Recommendations and Resources:

How you can Help:

Read a shared posting from Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond – Considering the Legal and Human Rights Framework for Addressing Mass Graves Connected to Indian Residential Schools By The Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre